Camera workaround updated

According to Alex and v’s feedback, the camera on their phone really need to be rescued soon. I thought of looking up for the process names of all the camera apps out there, but that list is non-exhaustive, so I’m only digging a hole for myself. Instead I went ahead and create the “Green list”, so named because of the nature of the list, and also because lazilock is green. User basically will be able to select apps that lazilock should not interrupt, from a list of all installed apps. I spent the night trying to construct the option layout. Now it scrolls nicely through all of the installed apps, but the users’ preferences aren’t saved
yet. I’ll continue on that tomorrow, because I don’t want to be late for work again – ALEX Loh just told me of this morning about my punctuality XD

P.s. Shake to wake seems to be fine (maybe slightly too sensitive, but that can be easily fixed) but it’s a huge battery drain. Either it’s just not practical to listen to accelerometer all the time, or I forgot to release some resource some where. Either way that’s on hold first for now.

p.p.s With so many versions of Lazilock coming up, I’ve decided to start using git, the version manager. Downloaded the guide book into galaxy s2, too.

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