Lazilock 0.1

This past two days has been the most productive of me: on top of finishing a report for iCube, the recycling project that I’m working on, I wrote an Android app!
It’s called Lazilock. “you pocket it, we lock it”

Those are the only texts in the UI. Then there’re the on/off button, and the uninstall button. The UI took me an entire night of tweaking, until finally the right spacing and stroke thickness (which happens to be 0) found each other. The icon was built on top of Android’s stock lock icon, with a lazy joker a sleeping in the foreground in front of the lock. I went for minimalistic design, but the time I took wasn’t minimal at all.

Couldn’t wake up for work, so I called in sick. 3 days of effort put in, and I’m quite happy with the result! It feels good to have Lazilock0.1.apk floating out th
I have sent it out to the DCC and extreme people to beta test it. Let’s watch how many manage to figure out what the app is for. So far only Ben already figured out how it works, and jing xuan said – I think this will go down as the most epic response – “sorry I’ll help you beta later, my shorts now don’t have pockets”ere.

Yay my first app!


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