Lazi’ing at DHL

It’s my task to analyse a lot of numbers for DHL. My internship project is to analyse the efficiency if the warehouse operation. Everybody is used to my computer screen filled with spreadsheets, and occasional charts.
But not all those charts are warehouse related: As lazilock development takes up more and more of my time and energy, it’s finally invaded my work place. And I’m glad it has! It’s saving me from the asleep wake dance at my desk. Now my excel is filled with data recorded from my s2’s sensors, as I try to find algorithm to detect user movements [looking at unlocking the phone with a shake action]. All this is possible because of the most wonderful development app: androsensor by fivasim, which provides really rich data recording features, such as snap shot, setting recording intervals etc..
Alright I better get back to my spreadsheets, to making phone locking more delightful.


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