Kakada started

I just did it, I paid the registration fees for Google Play. The name is Kakada. Nothing to do with Kaka, though. It means July in Khmer.

I’ve always wanted a truely Khmer name, because of that deep feeling for my root. And I think it’s pretty cool to flaunt this exotic language around. Now I need to learn to draw crabs -that’s the animal of July in khmer.

Registration fee was 30sgd. There wasn’t much to thinking needed, I have faith that this it’s going to be one of the best 30 bucks I spend. I recall sprinting like a child the first time Lazilock locked my phone, not being able to contain the excitement and the eagerness to share it someone. Z was my first victim since he was in hall that night.

It’s been all a long time since I ran on joy. Also a long time since I wake up exited. Also a long time since I stay up till my morning alarm reminds me that I forgot to sleep. All these, Lazilock brought them back again. Would I pay 30$ to see where this leads me?  No questions asked. I’m hoping it’ll be better than B2 bass pedal. Definitely it’s better than the mountain bike. I enjoy this kind of cross species comparison.

I’d be lying if I say I’m not hoping to get some substantial downloads and earn some bucks. I’m fact I really wish that’s the case. I wish people will tell their friends about my apps. I wish they can delight their friends demoing the apps. (Gonna put that as step for in the instructions)

I have 2 more days before July. So two more days to touch up that delightful little thing. This is gonna be fun.


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